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1. Afa Jr. posing for the camera.
2. Afa Jr. giving out the Samoanator.
3. The Sons Of Samoa (L.A.Smooth, Afa Jr., Samu)
4. Afa Jr. pointing at his opponent in the ring.
5. Afa Jr. Standing on the second rope with his hands in the air.
6. Afa Jr. with Val Venis.
7. Afa Jr. coming out of the Locker Room.
8. Afa Jr. with Samu, Gary "Air" Albright, and Afa.
9. Afa Jr. posing for the camera with his arms crossed.
10. Afa Jr. ready to slam Trent Acid's head.
11. Afa Jr. getting chocked by the ropes.
12. Afa Jr. ready to get jumped on by Trent Acid.

Many Many More to Come Soon So Stay Tuned!!!