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The Samoan Storm will be taking part in the WXW Summer Heat 2000 (check for more details).  This starts off on July 6, and continues through July 7, and July 8.  Be sure to see the conclusion of this event, at WXW's biggest, and most popular event Sportsfest, on July 9. Sportsfest is always one of the greatest shows of the year, and best of all 
its free.  So be sure to check out Sportsfest, at Cedar Beach in Allentown. Afa Jr.'s opponent has yet to be determined but rest assure Lightning will Strike and Afa will take over Sportsfest, just like he takes over any and all other things that come his way.  The clouds are rolling in, and there is 
Lightning in the sky.....its a Storm.....Its a "Samoan Storm".  Be sure to come check him out.

On June 17, 2000, Afa Jr. shocked many and invaded the Jersey Championship Wrestling promotion.  He came in and laid out their Lightheavyweight Champ Judas Young.  The Samoan Storms ISPW/WXW feuds with Judas Young are notorious and it looks like these two men are going to continue this feud in the JCW.  On July 16, 2000, Afa Jr. will take on Judas Young for the JCW Lightweight Belt.  He's already the # 1 contender for the belt, and he has to yet to even wrestle a match in the JCW.  Why you might ask??? Cause Afa Jr. is just that damn good.

Afa Jr. = MR. DEATHCAGE 2000
June 2, 2000 was the start of one of WXW's most brutal events in history.  This was the beginning of DEATHCAGE 2000.  On this night Afa Jr. teamed up with his vicious  rival Lucifer Grimm and they took on team ISPW that was composed of Judas Young and Tony Myers.  Team WXW  had the match in control for most of the match, and apparently Grimm thought that his work was done, 
and got bored, so he decided to beat on his teammate.  After the damage was done he proclaimed he would see The Samoan Storm tomorrow night, as they would face off in a cage.  But first Afa Jr. had to make it through this night.  Team ISPW took it to the young samoan, and when everyone thought it was over, the "Mystery Man" made his way down to the ring.  The "Mystery Man" 
helped Afa Jr. get the win, and after the match Junior asked the "Mystery Man" to reveal his identity by taking off his mask.  He revealed himself to be ISPW's own Tommy Fierro!!!  They headed to the back to celebrate, and to get prepared for the 2nd night of DeathCage.

June 3, 2000 will go down as one of the biggest nights in WXW history, and without a doubt one of the biggest matches in this young superstar's career.  It featured the Samoan Storm vs. Lucifer Grimm in a steel cage.  These men have had many brutal battles, and this proved to be the same.  This match contained all sorts of foreign objects like chairs, and kendo sticks plus the cage proved to be a vital weapon in this match.  Grimm was busted open, but than proceeded to the top of the cage as he gave The Samoan Storm the "Razors Edge" from the top of the cage!  Next Grimm nailed a spinning Pedigree, and than tryed to make his way up to the top of the cage.  He took too much time, and that allowed Afa Jr. to get up and throw Grimm off the top of the cage.  The Samoan Storm than called for a table, and laid Lucifer's motionless body on top of the table.  What happened next was one of the most amazing sights ever on any Indy Card.  He proceeded to do his finisher "The Lightning Strike" (FrogSplash) from the top of the cage, through Grimm on the table. 
After this amazing match everyone began calling Afa Jr.  " Mr. Deathcage 2000", as he took cage matches to new limits.

On April 19, 2000, Afa Jr. took part in one of the biggest shows in WXW history.  This show featured WWF superstars Too Cool, Rikishi, Stevie Richards, Headbangers, Gillberg, Kaientai, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerroro, and the Road Dogg.  Plus other big names like Crowbar, Headshrinkers, Big Dick Dudley, 2 Cold Scorpio, and the best the WXW, and ISPW had to offer. On this show Afa Jr. took part in a 3 way dance with former WWF Lightheavyweight Champion Gillberg, and his long time WXW rival Lucifer Grimm.  This was a hard fought match but ended in chaos, and surprise.  Gillberg speared Afa Jr. and had The Samoan Storm up in the air for his finisher the Jackhammer, but than Luicfer Grimm, tripped up Gillberg.  This allowed The Samoan Storm to fall on top of the former WWF Lightheavyweight Champ and get the pin on Gillberg!!!!!

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