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Afa The Wild Samoan is the father of Afa Jr. and this page is dedicated to him.
For years the master of the Samoan Drop and the tag team competition, nowadays Afa the Wild Samoan is the owner of World X-TREME Wrestling and Top Rope Productions and also trains today's and tomorrow's stars in Hazleton at his Wild Samoan Training Center. At his training center, Afa works hard with his trainees to teach them about the techniques, interview skills and most of all the heart and work ethic that goes into being a professional wrestler. And this method has proved to be sucessful as Afa has had his "boys" sign big contracts with the "big three" and is the only training center endorsed by the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon and the Undertaker to just name a few. Afa puts 110% heart into his training center, the trainees, and WXW and always gives the final word on the important rulings of World X-TREME Wrestling's controversial calls. You can visit Afa's Wildsamoan Training Center page at, and u can visit WXW's main page at